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We are the Australian Agent for The Phoenix Engineering Co. Ltd.

Phoenix Engineering is the UK’s oldest and largest manufacturer of Road Construction and Maintenance Plant and Equipment.

The two machines we have are the SPC10e Chipping Spreader and the Asphalt Hot Boxes

The  Phœnix  ‘SPC10e’

The  Phœnix  ‘SPC10e’ Self Propelled Metering Chipping Spreader is specially designed to apply grade aggregate on top of a road surface, together with the application of bitumen, to form a new surface. The machine can be used, both where old road surfaces are being maintained and to construct basic roads.

Asphalt Hot Boxes

TwinStor / UniStor / MiniStor Hot Asphalt Conatiner

Asphalt, when laid, must be fully compacted to achieved full strength and durability. Full compaction can only be achieved when the asphalt is at or above its laying temperature, which is generally above 120°.


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